Bond, Rice & Leavitt of the 31st Mass. Infantry

Carte de Visite of group of 3 men, all dressed in Civil War military uniforms. Lieut. Sylvester B. Bond, left, Capt. Lewis F. Rice, center, and Lieut. Joshua Leavitt, right. The 31st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Collection was compiled in the 1890’s by Lewis Frederick Rice, the official historian for the 31st. He collected documents about the 31st in the Civil War from other members of the 31st as well as himself with the purpose of writing a history of the regiment’s part in the war, but he died before the work was completed. It contains personal narratives, diaries, and correspondence from the time the unit was formed in 1861 until the regiment’s members officially resolved to have no more reunions. This collection was given to the Connecticut Valley Historical Society in 1929, when it was expected that there would be no more reunions.

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