Kibbe Bros. Co. Peanut Butter Kisses Packing Box, Unknown

Wood Museum of Springfield History

This Kibbe Brothers candy box is a representative example of the boxes the company employed to house their candy products. The company used unpainted pine boxes assembled with machine cut finger joints at each of the corners. The bottom is nailed in place with round wire box nails and the top is attached with simple cotter-pin type hinges. The ends are stenciled in black and the front panel carries a red cover with a large white paper label featuring a blue bordered photograph of, “One of the Famous Four-in Hands used for many years to carry Kibbe’s Candies to Dealers throughout New England.” Kibbe Brothers Candy Company was one of the largest makers of candy in New England until they were forced out-of-business during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Object Creation Date
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Packing Box
14 x 43.5 x 32 "
Purchase from an Unidentified Dealer at Brimfield
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