16th And 17th Cent Dutch Smaller

16th– and 17th–Century Dutch and Flemish Paintings: In the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts


Catalog of the Dutch and Flemish Paintings at the Springfield Museums.

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By Alice B. Davies


The collection of 16th– and 17th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings in the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts chart the evolution of the school of Netherlandish painting in its golden age. This catalog applies brilliant scholarship and rich interpretation of the museum’s remarkable collection, which includes many artists of the first order—Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan van Goyen, Ferdinand Bol, Willem van de Velde the Younger, Jacob Jordaens, Willem Kalf, and David Tenier the Younger. Davies succinctly sketches the lives of the painters, their family orgins, artistic training and influences, successes and, in some cases, failures to present stories of great interest. This catalog makes the Dutch and Flemish art accessible to all.

Paperback, 25 color images, 38 black-and-white images, 160 pages, Springfield Museums, Museums of Fine Arts: 1993