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Erastus Salisbury Field: 1805-1900


Leverett, MA, self-taught artist rose to fame.

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By Mary Black

 A resident of Leverett, MA, Erastus Salisbury Field was a self-taught artist who rose to fame after being exhibited in 1932 at the Museum of Modern Art’s American Folk Art, the Art of the Common Man in America. While alive he was well-known and widely patronized as a painter of portraits, known for producing a fair likeness in one sitting. The Museums have many of his paintings in their collections, most impressive of all is the Historical Monument of the American Republic, which Field worked on for two decades. This catalog includes two inserts—one a reproduction of the monumental painting and the second a descriptive catalogue of the images incorporated into the painting.

Paperback, 78 images, 116 pages, with color insert of the Historical Monument of the American Republic and Descriptive Catalogue of the Historical Monument of the American Republic. Springfield Museums, Museums of Fine Arts: 1984