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The Fowl of the Air, the Fish of the Sea & the Beasts of the Field: The Animal Sculptures of Elliot Offner


Animal sculptures Elliot Offner.

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American artist Elliot Offner (1931-2010) welded together his eastern European Jewish immigrant roots with a classical artistic education at Yale and the most fundamental elements of American naturalism and folk art to create a new form American sculpture.

During his prolific five-decade creative career, he captured epic themes from the Holocaust and Auschwitz, to ecumenical and liturgical characters, to finally embodying sculptures of American wildlife with the poetry and complexity of flight and motion, while paying homage to his American and European artistic heritage.

This catalog illustrates the features Offner’s animal sculpture, which characterize his study of natural form, reverence for art of the past, and love of drawing. Offner, a protégé of Joseph Albers, was a longtime professor of art at Smith College. This exhibition was created in cooperation with the Forum Gallery, New York, NY.

Paperback, 30 sepia-color images, 48 pages, Springfield Museums, Museums of Fine Arts: 1984