JFK Mask

Halloween Mask, John F. Kennedy, ca. 1963


Part of Collecting Camelot: The Kennedy Era and Its Collectibles
December 8, 2017–March 25, 2018
Wood Museum of Springfield History

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Halloween Mask, John F. Kennedy, ca. 1963
Made by Ben Cooper Inc.

Ben Cooper Incorporated was a manufacturer of Halloween masks and costumes dating to the 1930s.  Later referred to as the “Halston of Halloween” for its lifelike masks and silkscreened costumes, the Company was one of the country’s top three manufacturers of Halloween costumes.  Characters such as Davey Crockett, Zorro, and Superman were all immortalized in costume, along with such Presidents as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and of course John F. Kennedy.  Original Ben Cooper-brand Kennedy costumes and masks are rare, as out of respect for the President the inventory was destroyed following his assassination in November 1963.