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Hannah Lynn Jewelry Sage Leaf Earrings


Beautiful, unique jewelry inspired by nature


These stunning earrings are lightweight and very comfortable on the ears. They were created by using a real sage leaf from jewelry-artist Hannah O’Connell’s garden to create an impression into the fine silver metal. The earrings were then oxidized to create contrast and make the incredible texture pop. The fine detail is remarkable. These earrings may vary slightly from pair to pair because every single one is created from a different individual sage leaf.

They are handmade with love in Hannah’s cozy home studio, nestled in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

  • Materials:  .925 sterling silver
  • Measurements: 2” long by ½” wide
  • Made from real sage leaves grown in Hannah’s home garden so no two leaves are exactly the same

About the Maker

Hannah O’Connell is the owner and designer for Hannah Lynn Jewelry. An outdoor enthusiast, dog mom, wife, animal lover, yogi, and a lover of creative arts. Her journey began in 2006 when she “borrowed” a few pairs of pliers from my father, bought some silver wire from the craft store, and started wire wrapping different treasures from her gem collection.

Hannah Lynn Jewelry is a collection of Hannah’s inspirations. The vast occurrence of geometric patterns and textures found within our natural world deeply inspire her. She finds inspiration everywhere from organic plant materials, to sound vibrations, down to a cellular level. She collects small samples of organic plant material on her morning hikes, using them in her studio that day, to create wearable pieces of art. These beauties from the natural world are the catalysts for Hannah’s work.