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Selections from the American Collection Of the Museum of Fine Arts and the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum


American Art from the Collections of the Springfield Museums.

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The American Collection in the Springfield Museums’ D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts and the Smith Art Museum contain remarkable treasures. In this catalog, art lovers will find informative descriptions as well as exhibition histories for 100 major works displayed at the Springfield Museums. Art described includes Isabel Bishop, At the Noon Hour (1936); Frederic Edwin Church, New England Scenery (1851); Winslow Homer, Promenade on the Beach (1880); John Singer Sargent, Glacier Streams—The Simplon (1910); Richard Yarde, Johnny’s Gone (1975-76); and Mary Cassatt, Katharine Kelso Cassatt Seated in an Armchair (1888); among others.

Paperback, full color, 256 pages, Quadrangle Publishing: 1999