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Theodores’ Hot Sauce


Burn, baby, burn–very hot sauce.

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Theodores’ Booze Blues & BBQ restaurant is a mainstay in Springfield. Now you can enjoy their famous Super Bad-Ass Sweet Daddy, Slap Your Pappy Hot Sauce in your own home.

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About the Maker

Theodores’, a Pioneer Valley institution located on Worthington Street in Springfield, is known for a lot of things— from the live blues music featured almost nightly, to the barbecue smoked on site, to the pool hall upstairs said to be the oldest continuously operating billiards hall in the country.

Two Teds founded Theodores’ in 1979 and 20 years later a duo of Keiths purchased the establishment and have been running Theodores’ ever since. Contact them directly next time you need a venue or catering for your next event. THEODORESBBQ.COM