Fairfield Street

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

An introduction to historic Springfield, the Springfield Ted knew as a boy in the early twentieth-century.

  • The Howard Street Armory with its castle-like turrets was across the street from the house in which Ted was born. Children can press buttons to hear street sounds Ted might have heard, such as trolleys and horse hooves. The display includes images of scenes from Ted’s childhood Springfield.
  • The Geisel family moved to 74 Fairfield Street when Ted was two years old. Ted lived there until he went to college at Dartmouth. You can press buttons on the façade of 74 Fairfield Street to ring the doorbell before entering the next room.
  • The Barney Mausoleum in Forest Park, with its distinctive sphynx statue and winding curved stairs is recreated as an image that would have impressed young Ted. Buttons produce the sounds of animals at the Forest Park Zoo. From his bedroom at night Ted could hear lions roaring. The Geisel family lived just six blocks away in the Forest Park Zoo.