Change is Coming to the Science Museum

This is a great time for the Springfield Science Museum. Over the next few years, we will completely renovate the Science Museum! Our vision for this transformation is to make bold changes in how visitors experience and learn about the natural world – recreating spaces to support wonder and curiosity. New spaces for learning, tinkering, playing, and exploring will be alongside the classic exhibits you know and love.

Be a Part of the Evolution!

Founded in 1859, the same year that Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, the Springfield Science Museum has inspired generations. We ask everyone whose life has been touched by the Science Museum to make a special investment in its future. The size of the gift is not important—what is important is that this building reflects the support of its entire community.

With community support, the Science Museum will strengthen its role as the premier informal science learning center in the region. By providing education and career awareness in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, we hope to close the gap between STEM learning while continuing as an engine of economic growth and a contributor to the region’s quality of life.