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The Springfield Museums do what few other museums can. We combine art, history, science and Dr. Seuss into one fun-filled day of engaging experiences that reinforce critical thinking and observation skills through inquiry-based learning. We offer a broad range of school programs for all grades and interest levels and all programs link directly to the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and help students prepare for standardized testing.

Field trips require a two week minimum advanced notice.

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Corn Husk Activity
Native Americans
Native Americans

In this program, students will experience Native American culture in a variety of contexts. Students will spend time in our Native American Hall where they will observe the relationships between Native Americans and the environment as well as learn about…

Space Explorations
Space Explorations

Is Pluto a planet or what? Do you know what My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas means? In this program, you’ll first get the chance to learn about some of the astronauts who have explored space and…

Then & Now: Life At The Turn Of The Century
Then & Now: Life at the Turn of the Century

Students become historians as they interpret early-20th century history by examining Indian Motocycles, Rolls Royce automobiles, Milton Bradley games, and Barney ice skates. In addition to a “then and now” scavenger hunt, students handle real historic artifacts and work on…

Light And Sound
Light and Sound

In this station based program, students will be learning about and experimenting with, WAVES. Not ocean waves, but bouncing light waves that reveal colors to make rainbows and sound waves that make a splash!  Students engage in hands on activities…

Corn Husk Activity Spaceexplorations History Activity Light And Sound 2013

Museums on the Go!

Expand your classroom with our traveling outreach programs. No permission slips or buses needed— our Museums on the Go! educators come to you! In addition to our standard program offerings, our Museums on the Go! team can create a customized outreach visit for your troop meeting, science fair, or community night.

Early Enrichment Days


Each day consists of a different theme and focus, wherein students will participate in hands-on activities, interactive gallery games, crafts, museum exploration and much more! Most appropriate for children ages 3-6.

Early Enrichment Days require a two week minimum advanced notice.

Professional Development

The Museums host a number of educator workshops and professional development events for teachers each year.

To hold your own workshop at the Museums, email (art and history), (science) or (Dr. Seuss).

Family Nights

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to build your schools sense of community? Look no further! Spend an evening exploring the Science Museum’s exhibits, participate in hands-on activities, and view a planetarium show!

For more information or to schedule a family night, email