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The Springfield Museums do what few other museums can. We combine art, history and science into one fun-filled day of engaging experiences that reinforce critical thinking and observation skills through inquiry-based learning. We offer a broad range of school programs for all grades and interest levels and all programs link directly to the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and help students prepare for standardized testing.

Field trips require a two week minimum advanced notice.

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Art Field Trips

Girl And Educator Look At Painting
Eye Spy
Eye Spy

An Alphabet in Art presentation introduces students to our collection before they journey through the museum. Along the way, students interpret original masterpieces using their senses, practice color mixing, and learn about different mediums used to create sculpture. Grades 1-2…

Pop, Fizz, Boom!
Pop, Fizz, Boom!

In this introduction to chemistry, students will be making observations and conducting an experiment in practice with the Scientific Method.  They will review atoms, molecules, and states of matter and utilize special lab equipment and practice safety procedures. Grades 2-4…

Seuss In Springfield History
Seuss in Springfield History

His stories delight children around the world, but did you know Dr. Seuss drew much of his inspiration from his childhood home of Springfield? Learn how local inventions like Indian Motocycles inspired Dr. Seuss as a writer, and how landmarks…

Simple Machines
Simple Machines

Explore simple machines using wheels and axles, pulleys, levers, wedges, inclined planes and screws. Through demonstrations, students will investigate simple and complex machines and explore how they make work easier. Grades 1-3 Program length 1 hour. Capacity 30. .

Girl And Educator Look At Painting Pop Fizz Boom Students With Fire Truck Simple Machines

Museums on the Go!

Expand your classroom with our traveling outreach programs. No permission slips or buses needed— our Museums on the Go! educators come to you! In addition to our standard program offerings, our Museums on the Go! team can create a customized outreach visit for your troop meeting, science fair, or community night.

Early Enrichment Days

Each day consists of a different theme and focus, wherein students will participate in hands-on activities, interactive gallery games, crafts, museum exploration and much more! Most appropriate for children ages 3-6.

Teacher Workshops

The Museums host a number of educator workshops and professional development events for teachers each year.

Family Nights

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to build your schools sense of community? Look no further! Spend an evening exploring the Science Museum’s exhibits, participate in hands-on activities, and view a planetarium show!

For more information or to schedule a family night, email