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Current Exhibitions
Wassily Kandinsky
Small Worlds: Wassily Kandinsky’s Experiments In Printmaking
Small Worlds: Wassily Kandinsky’s Experiments in Printmaking

Wassily Kandinsky’s Kleine Welten (Small Worlds) portfolio exemplifies the artist’s abstract style, while also demonstrating his achievements with various printmaking techniques. Though Kandinsky is perhaps best known for his paintings, this series of prints shows his mastery of lithography, woodcut,…

The Scoop On Poop: The Science Of What Animals Leave Behind
The Scoop on Poop: The Science of What Animals Leave Behind

Fish do it, frogs do it, pythons, eagles, and elephants do it, yet “poop” is one of those subjects we find difficult to talk about with a straight face. Kids, however, are positively fascinated by it, which provides an excellent…

Crossing The Country To Cross Barriers: The Van Buren Sisters Ride Into History
Crossing the Country to Cross Barriers: The Van Buren Sisters Ride into History

In 1916 the United States was preparing to enter World War I. Augusta and Adeline Van Buren were, at the time, active members in the National Preparedness Movement, and they wanted to find ways that women could help the military…

Firearms Of Famous People: From Target Shooters To Presidents
Firearms of Famous People: From Target Shooters to Presidents

Extraordinary firearms and memorabilia owned by well-known politicians, presidents, and celebrities. The exhibit includes three presidential pistols, including a .44 Double Action Smith & Wesson revolver owned by Teddy Roosevelt, along with a belt knife used by “Teddy’s Rough Riders”…

Draco The Winged Dragon: Sculpture By Trisha Moody-Bourbeau
Draco the Winged Dragon: Sculpture by Trisha Moody-Bourbeau

A found-metal outdoor sculpture created by Deerfield artist Trisha Moody-Borbeau. Many of the objects included in the sculpture came from her family’s machine shop; others are donated by clients of Borbeau’s hair salon in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The dragon's eye are…

Stories And Seeds: Botanical Illustrations By Blanche Cybele Derby
Stories and Seeds: Botanical Illustrations by Blanche Cybele Derby

An exhibition of illustrations created by former art teacher Blanche Cybele Derby celebrate the diverse plant life of New England’s fields, fruits, and fauna. A resident of Northampton, Massachusetts, she is also a filmmaker and the author and illustrator of…

Better Angels: Firefighters Of 9/11
Better Angels: Firefighters of 9/11

Extended! This exhibit features 343 portraits by artist Dawn Howkinson Siebel, one for every New York City firefighter lost in the World Trade Center attacks. Together, the images create a wall measuring  21 feet long, allowing visitors to come face…

Galaxy Dog
Galaxy Dog

Conceived by the American Kennel Club as a charitable public-art initiative, DOGNY: America’s Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs, was launched shortly after 9/11 as a way of bringing attention to the valuable work done by canine search and rescue…

American Presidents: Currier & Ives And Politics In The 19th Century
American Presidents: Currier & Ives and Politics in the 19th Century

The first presidential election happened nearly 228 years ago, in 1788-89. George Washington was unanimously elected as the nation’s first president, for the first of his two terms and John Adams served as vice president.  As the country prepares to…

Monochrome: Black & White Photography From The Permanent Collection
Monochrome: Black & White Photography from the Permanent Collection

Black and white photography, also known as ‘monochrome’ photography, originated during the mid-nineteenth century and has pervaded to this day, particularly within the genre of documentary photography. This exhibit, drawn from the permanent collection of the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts,…

Wassily Kandinsky Scoop On Poop Interactive Station Van Buren Sisters Posing On A Hilltop With Their Indian Motorcycle FOFP Draco The Winged Dragon, Sculpture Squirrels' Dinner By Blanche C Derby Better Angels: Firefighters Of 9/11 Wall Galaxy Statue By Robert L. Braun 2004.D03.090 Inauguration Of Washington, 1876, Hand-colored Lithograph, Published By Nathaniel Currier And James Merritt Ives, Americans, 1813-1888 And 1824-1895 Migrant Mother