Scrapbook Page
Scrapbook Page
Scrapbook Page Reading 250,000 Cheer Spacemen
Scrapbook Page Reading 2 Astronauts Attempt Space Walk
Scrap Book That Shows Earth From Space Surrounded By Stars

1960s Scrap Book Helps Tell Space Story

There were family visits to the Science Museum.  I remember the planetarium, Sam the elephant, and the aquariums. I was in half-day kindergarten at Memorial School (now Mary A. Dryden…

Old Christmas card with watercolor painting of people in old fashion costumes and holly leaf decorations

Christmas Cookbooks Provide Sweet Activities

[Daniel Webster Punch] is definitely for stay-at-home consumption only. Maybe it should be re-named Pandemic Punch! With December here, many of us find ourselves re-thinking how to celebrate the holidays…

Voices of Resilience Curator Janine Fondon

Stirring the Pot

With the warmth of the rising sun, Nanny rose to her own highest expectation of getting the pots going and igniting the flame that would heat them. She was a…

Two Women Garden Behind Historical House
Two Women Garden Behind Historical House
Janet Dolder and Beate Bolan wrestle with an invasive vine.
Gardener Plants Brightly Colored Flowers By Historical House
Image Of Flowers In A Garden By A Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home

Springfield Garden Club Spruces Up Seuss House

Gardens, of course, not only beautify the space they are in, they make all who see them happy. We think this garden and the work of the Garden Club members…

Six women depict historical figures of color in the struggle for the right for women to vote

Stories Uncovered: Black Women and the Vote

Black women are frequently forgotten and deemed invisible when it comes to the retelling of the stories of women’s suffrage in the United States. However, this is not a new…