Seymour Planetarium

Seymour Planetarium

Springfield Science Museum

The Seymour Planetarium will reopen when COVID-19 occupancy restrictions are lifted.

When the Planetarium reopens, visitors will be treated to a refreshed space with an open view of the innovative Korkosz starball from new theater-style, cushioned seats. The historic Korkosz projector’s breathtaking view of the night sky will be enhanced by digital presentations, providing our planetarium guides even more tools to share the science, stories, and wonders of the night sky for all who seek to understand more about the heavens above us.

Upcoming Events
Astronomy Day 2021

Astronomy Day 2021

Night Sky Maps

These maps show what you can see in the night sky here in Springfield at the times and dates given in each map. The view will be similar over the subsequent days as well. We would like to thank our friends at Sky and Telescope magazine,, for creating these maps for us and allowing us to post them today. 

Astronomy@Home Activities

Out-of-this-world art and science activities for children and families, created by our Family Engagement Coordinator Jenny Powers.

Astronomy at Home: Make Art with Shadows
Astronomy at Home: Fun with Shadows
Astronomy at Home: Moon Art Activity
Astronomy at Home: Create a Crater