Two Women Garden Behind Historical House
Two Women Garden Behind Historical House
Janet Dolder and Beate Bolan wrestle with an invasive vine.
Gardener Plants Brightly Colored Flowers By Historical House
Image Of Flowers In A Garden By A Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home
Image Of Flower Garden By Historical Home

Springfield Garden Club Spruces Up Seuss House

Gardens, of course, not only beautify the space they are in, they make all who see them happy. We think this garden and the work of the Garden Club members…

Six women depict historical figures of color in the struggle for the right for women to vote

Stories Uncovered: Black Women and the Vote

Black women are frequently forgotten and deemed invisible when it comes to the retelling of the stories of women’s suffrage in the United States. However, this is not a new…

You can call me Dr. T

Representation matters. I thought it was important that students associate that title with someone who maybe doesn’t look like what they might think a scientist looks like. One of the…


2020 has turned out to be quite a year of unexpected events. It has also been a time of reflection, homage, and being called to action. With that said, it…

Do Try This At Home! The Magician’s Table

Gabriella Wilkerson is a 2020  graduate of Northampton High School, who was inspired by her experiences visiting the Springfield Science Museum as a child. She has been an avid Girl…

Three portraits

Community Call for Portraits

“Announced in the midst of a pandemic, this call for portraiture is also a coming together of our community. I cannot think of a more exciting way for us to…

Pen, Paper and Keyboard

Creative Writing Students Present a Virtual Reading

Participants in the Creative Writing Museum School class share their work. Stories and Authors Featured: "Lillian" by Robert Butler "Amerikan Kiz Koleji – Izmir, Turkey, 1961: My First Year…


The Most Magical Thing

I took many drawing and calligraphy classes at the Museums in the past. The most magical thing was being inside those Museums when just a few people were there. It…