Whoville Gallery with the Grinch


The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

Dr. Seuss always called the Grinch his favorite character. “The Grinch? Personally, I like him,” Dr. Seuss said. “So, I wrote [How the Grinch Stole Christmas] to see if I could rediscover something about Christmas that obviously I’d lost.”*

A visit to our Who-ville gallery in the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is a chance to rediscover something about Christmas—and about Dr. Seuss. Featured in this gallery:

  • Life-size figures of the Grinch and Max
  • The Who’s festively decorated fireplace
  • A giant light bright, Pixel Pegs, for visitors to create designs and messages
  • A magnetic ball wall interactive of shoots, spinners, and tubes to get the Grinch down from Mount Crumpit to Who-ville in time to save Christmas Day!

Fun Fact (or maybe rumor)

Here in Western Massachusetts, we like to share the rumor that Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA, is the inspiration for Mount Crumpit!

*Quoted in Becoming Dr. Seuss; Theodor Geisel and the Making of an American Imagination, by Brian Jay Jones (Random House, 2019)