Granville Brothers Aircraft

Wood Museum of Springfield History » Second Floor

Together with his brothers Edward, Robert, Thomas and Mark, Zantford Granville established Granville Brothers Aircraft, Inc. in Springfield, Massachusetts. Between 1929 and 1934, the Granvilles produced some of the world’s fastest airplanes during the golden age of air racing.

On view is the only “Zeta” plane ever built, as well as a ¾ size replica of the Gee Bee Model R-1, the famous racing plane that Jimmy Doolittle piloted to victory in the Thompson Trophy race of 1932.

The exhibit also features several famous air show trophies, numerous historic photos, personal memorabilia of the pilots, aviation artifacts, and highlights the careers of pilots Lowell Bayles, Jimmy Doolittle, Russell Boardman, and Maude Tait.