Bear, Polar

Fondly remembering (and revisiting) Snowball!

Although I am retired as an elementary Science teacher, which entailed an array of different modalities of related Science subjects, I recall preparing a third-grade class for a visit to the Springfield Science Museum. At that time, we were learning about the several groups of animals which included mammals. I shared a story about two animals I remembered from my childhood that had tragic ending: Snowball the polar bear, and Jigs, a chimpanzee who fathered Jigs jr. This piqued their interest. It was an emotional, yet teachable moment. As we navigated the museum oohing and awing at the various animals including reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, and mammals, I screamed when I turned a corner only to find that although stuffed, Snowball and Jigs were still with us in spirit and memory!–Margaret Fitzpatrick (70+)