1928 Indian Motocycle Company Roadster, X4, Indian Motocycle Co., Springfield, MA

Wood Museum of Springfield History

Indian Motocycle Company made four experimental cars, designated X1 through X4, between 1927 and 1928. This car is the fourth, X4. Featuring a roadster style body, this auto employed a Lycoming engine, WS 4037, and was used as a developmental car. It was designed by Assistant Project Engineer Harold F. Peavey, who had worked for Stevens-Duryea Automobile Company prior to his appointment at Indian Motocycle Company.

At the time these cars were developed Indian was experiencing difficult financial times. This led the Company to explore the possibility of introducing new products. Introducing an automobile seemed like a natural direction for Indian. Other projects included research on a two-cycle motocycle for the export market, and a 50 horsepower 45 cubic inch racing bike. They also developed a single unit refrigerator that never made it to market.

The experimental car project would, the company hoped, develop an auto that was a high performance commuter vehicle, easy to drive, easy to park, and with a comfortable ride. But when Charles Levine gained control of Indian late in 1929, just after the stock market crash, the enterprise was abandoned. Indian invested approximately $65,000 on the project, a significant blow to the company’s finances.

Object Creation Date
ca. 1928
Object Type
11’ long x 5’ wide x 5’ high
Gift of Esta K. Manthos
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