The Bridge At The Outlet. Lake Memphremagog, Currier & Ives

D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts

Pastoral scene – bridge over inlet. Cattle and two men crossing from left to right. Houses over on left in image, couple in horse drawn carriage lower right.

Currier & Ives created lithographs of the American landscape emphasizing the new country’s splendor from sea to shining sea. This image depicts a pastoral scene on Lake Memphremagog, situated between Newport, Vermont and Magog, Quebec, Canada. In the scene two men accompany their cattle across the small bridge. The name Memphremagog is derived from Algonkian and means “where there is a big expanse of water.” The lake’s surface covers 689 square miles. Local residents claim that Lake Memphremagog contains a reptile-like monster named Memphré, and sightings have been reported since the 18th century. Folklore suggests the beast is comparable to the monster of Loch Ness and Memphré has been spotted as recently as 2000.

Object Creator
Currier & Ives (American, 1834-1907)
Object Creation Date
Hand-colored lithograph
14 1/8 x 10 1/8 inches
Gift of Lenore B. and Sidney A. Alpert supplemented with Museum Acquistions Funds
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