Into the Autumn Mist: Fairies and Fantasy

The Museums are open, but we know not everyone is able (or ready) to visit in person. That’s OK! We still have lots of fun available for you!

Into the Autumn Mist is a virtual family engagement event inspired by our on-campus Build a Fairy House events. The activities presented can enhance your visit—or stand alone—providing lots of opportunities to get your creative energy flowing.

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Activity Kits Now Available!

Want to add an extra-special treat to the experience? Order an Into the Autumn Mist activity kit, available for pick-up or delivery.

Into The Autumn Mist Activity Kit (Shipping 10/2)

Into the Autumn Mist Activity Kit (Shipping 10/2)

Into The Autumn Mist Activity Kit: Add On For More Than One Child (Shipping 10/2)

Into the Autumn Mist Activity Kit: Add On for More Than One Child (Shipping 10/2)

Tanglewood Marionettes

Laugh along with the live Puppetry Demo, enjoy a performance of The Fairy Circus and visit with the puppeteers. (Recorded October 17, 2020)

This presentation is made possible by a grant from the Springfield Local Cultural Council.

Family Activities

What is Biotic Potential?

Biotic potential is how many times a species has a chance to reproduce under ideal conditions.  For this activity you will need a pumpkin, an apple, a sunflower, or any other fruit or flower that has seeds that are easy to remove.

What is Biotic Potential?

Popcorn Mosaic

A mosaic is a decoration on surface traditionally made by setting pieces of glass, stone or tile in different colors on a surface to make patterns or pictures. You can also use popcorn kernels, beans, or dried peas to create a beautiful mosaic!

Popcorn Mosaic Instructions

Fairy Garden Toadstools

Leftover plastic eggs can make a colorful toadstool for your fairy garden! If you don’t have any plastic eggs, you can form the toadstool top with clay or use half of a real eggshell.

Fairy Garden Toadstool Instructions

Dancing Fairy (or Ghost)

As the weather gets cooler and we turn on the heat at home, the air around us gets dryer and creates better conditions for static electricity to build up! You can demonstrate static electricity with this almost-magic trick at home.

Dancing Fairy or Ghost Instructions