Graphite drawing and pencil carving.

Leaving Our Mark: In Celebration of the Pencil

November 24, 2015–March 26, 2016 D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts » Second Floor

Organized by Western Massachusetts artist Steve Wilda, this exhibition explores the diverse medium of graphite, a versatile art material that is easily accessible to a broad range of audiences.

The exhibit includes 62 works on paper by artists renowned for their contemporary and representational drawings. Featured artists include Lesley Cohen, Lisa Henry, Ryan Jacque, Elizabeth Kostojohn, Christina Mastrangelo, Scott Tulay, and Steve Wilda (Massachusetts), along with Paul Batch, Doug Gillette, Luciana Heineman, Bill Simpson, and Alan Spellman (Connecticut) and Terry Miller (Maryland). The exhibit also features 14 sculptural representations by Jennifer Maestre and Dalton Ghetti, who both use pencils to create imaginative and intricate contemporary sculptures.

Above featured image, left to right: Where Do We Go From Here?, 2009, Lesley Cohen, charcoal and chalk pastel. Hanging Heart, Dalton Ghetti, 1994, graphic and wood, photographed by Sloan Howard at STHPhotography.



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Douglas Gillette, Power of the 3 B, 2004, graphite, 15 x 20.5 inches, On loan from the artist.
Jennifer Maestre, Tablet, 2011, pencils and epoxy, 13 x 10.25 x .25 inches, On loan from the artist
Lesley Cohen, Between Thought and Sound, 2009, charcoal and chalk pastel, 20 x 26, On loan from the artist
Steve Wilda, April Fools Covered, 2000, graphite, 20 x 13, On loan from the artist
Elizabeth Kostojohn, Hurt & Damage Control (detail 15), 2012, graphite on Mylar, 10 x 12.5 inches, On loan from the artist