The Lion Guard: The Exhibit

The Lion Guard: The Exhibit

May 23, 2020–September 6, 2020 Springfield Science Museum

Experience an adventure through the Pride Lands where kids and families will be inspired to protect the Circle of Life. Children will have the opportunity to train in the Lion Guard’s secret lair, explore the power of teamwork by utilizing each of the Lion Guard’s unique traits to go on special missions, and discover and learn about the African savanna and the animals that live there.

The Circle of Life
Learn about the Circle of Life, as Simba explains it to Kion.

Be greeted by Rafiki as he introduces you to the world of the Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard Lair
Work out with the Lion Guard in their secret lair before heading out on your Lion Guard adventure to protect the Circle of Life! Each member of the Lion Guard has unique strengths that they bring together to accomplish their purpose to defend the Pride Lands.

Bunga’s Adventure: Saving Kalinda’s Egg
Have fun joining Bunga for an adventurous and fun day in the baobab tree. Recover some stolen eggs, search for yummy grubs, and try to reach the baobab fruit hanging high in the tree-top.

Beshte’s Adventure: Too Much Rain
Join Beshte and his friends as they build a bridge across the flooded river and save baby animals from a landslide.

Ono’s Adventure: Looking for Trouble
Join Ono high in the sky to survey the Pride Lands and spot dangers from afar! From his vantage point, he can see all the animals and learn about their lives in the savanna.

Kion’s Adventure: Hevi Kabisa
Follow Kion through the Pride Lands to find the baby zebra and return him to his mother, confront Janja and his hyenas, and roar to send them running back to their habitat.

The Mark of the Guard
Join the Lion Guard for a joint mission, and earn your Mark of the Guard.

Exhibit produced by the Miami Children’s Museum.

Supported in part by Horace A. Moses Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.