Reptiles, Dinosaurs and Birds: The Real Connection

February 7, 2009–May 10, 2009 Springfield Science Museum » Second Floor » Changing Exhibits Gallery

Springfield Science Museum, Changing Exhibitions Gallery, Second Floor

Are dinosaurs reptiles? Are birds living dinosaurs? Explore the scientific debate surrounding the close relationships between these three groups.


See huge robotic dinosaurs in realistic habitats including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex; the rhinoceros-like Chasmosaurus with a young one; a duck-billed Maiasaura with her nest of hatching eggs, Albertosaurus, a Canadian cousin of T-rex; a sail-backed Dimetrodon, and a flying reptile. In addition, you’ll see four feathered dinosaur models including the famous Archaeopteryx, thought originally to be the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.


The living reptile wall includes turtles, snakes and the dinosaur look-alike, a bearded dragon. Later in the spring, emu eggs will hatch in incubators in the museum to illustrate the difference between giant land birds and flying birds. Fossil footprints, bird and reptile bones, skeletons, and taxidermy mounts from the museum collections will make us ponder our place in the animal world.


The exhibit also includes stations where children can make dinosaur track rubbings and be paleontologists as they dig for fossils and “bone up” on prehistoric facts.


$3 special exhibit fee per person all visitors ages 3 and up.


Sponsored by United Bank. Media Sponsor WWLP-TV22.