Robots: The Interactive Exhibition at the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History

Robots: The Interactive Exhibition

November 20, 2010–February 27, 2011 Wood Museum of Springfield History » First Floor » SIS Hall

Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History, SIS Hall, First Floor

The wit, excitement and imagination of 20th Century Fox’s animated film Robots combine for a fun, educational experience that the whole family will enjoy!

The exhibition features more than 15 interactive areas offering scientific adventures that allow visitors to enter the world of robotics and explore the “reel and real” science of robotics. In the area Robot Explorers, visitors can use a robotic probe to explore underwater, deep space or the surface of Mars.

Families can take a spin on the Crosstown Express, exploring robotic vehicles both real and fictional. Industrial Robots allows visitors to program an actual Ford robotic arm, and Robot Round Up explores robots in daily life, allowing visitors to use remotes to control various types of robots. Visitors can even Build-a-Wonder-Bot that performs useful functions, such as helping with daily chores, and learn about the future of robotics and how they will reshape our world.  

Guests will also encounter the “movie star” robots C-3P0 (Star Wars), Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet), and Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still).

$5 special exhibition fee for all visitors ages 3 and up in addition to museum admission.

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