Preparing for Your Field Trip

  • Review our policies with all chaperones and students.
  • Provide copies of the Directions to School Group Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location and School Group Bus Parking Instructions to your bus company.
  • As we host up to ten schools per day, we recommend that all students wear name tags.


  • Groups must check-in at the check-in location indicated on their confirmation letter. If your group is delayed, please call 413-314-6422 and leave a message.
  • Late arrivals will result in shortened and/or cancelled programs and refunds will not be issued.
  • Coats, lunches, and bags will be sorted in the lobby of the museum where your first program takes place.


  • Payment is due at check-in. Please complete your attendance form prior to check-in to calculate your group’s total payment.
  • We accept cash or checks (no credit cards or purchase orders), and will only accept one payment per school.
  • Overpayments of $25.00 or more will be refunded via mail.

Cancellations &
Inclement Weather

  • If you must cancel your field trip for any reason, please call 413.314.6422 or email as soon as possible. Missed reservations without notice prior to the visit are subject to a non-cancellation fee.
  • If the Springfield Museums are closed due to inclement weather, all field trips are cancelled. Museum closings are announced via local media and on the 413.263-6800 voicemail.

Lunch Arrangements & Food Allergies

  • School groups may eat only during their scheduled lunch break. We recommend groups using the restrooms during lunch so as not to disrupt their programming.
  • Please call 413-314-6422 prior to your field trip to notify Education Department staff of any food allergies.
  • As lunch locations are subject to change, please divide lunches by the group names listed in your confirmation letter (i.e. A, B1, C2) and bring all lunches to your check-in location.
  • School groups are not allowed in the Blake House Café. Groups must bring their own lunches or pre-arrange catering through the Blake House Café by calling (413) 263-6800 ext 399.
  • If your group is scheduled to eat outdoors and rain is forecasted, call 413-314-6422 to reserve an indoor lunch location available on a first come, first serve basis.

Special Needs & Accessibility

  • Most museum classroom spaces are handicapped accessible. Please notify museum staff members of your group’s special needs or mobility issues prior to your visit by call 413-314-6422.

Emergency Procedures

  • Please designate an emergency meeting place outside on the Quadrangle prior to your visit. In the event of an emergency, instruct your students to gather at this pre-designated location to await further instruction by chaperones and/or museum staff members.

Cell Phone &

  • For the safety and well-being of our visitors, the use of cell phones and/or cameras is not permitted during tours and programs by either students or adults. The only exceptions to this policy are during the designated program photo-ops or in the event of an emergency.

Chaperone Policy

  • We require one adult per every ten students for field trips. All chaperones should be provided with a copy of the Springfield Museums Field Trip Overview as well as your school’s confirmation letter prior to your visit.
  • Chaperones are required to accompany their students at all times. At no time should students be left unattended.

Behavior Policies

  • Students and chaperones are required to stay with their groups at all times.
  • No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the galleries.
  • Large bags/backpacks are not permitted in the galleries with the exception of bags containing medication.
  • Running, pushing, and/or roughhousing is not allowed.
  • For safety of our visitors and our collections, please keep safe distances between yourself and objects.
  • Please do not knock on glass exhibits containing live animals. Vibration is very upsetting for our animals.
  • In order to better serve our visitors, large groups are not allowed in our Museum Store. Please divide students into groups of 15 or fewer to shop in the Museum Store.
  • The Springfield Museums reserve the right to ask a school group to leave due to behavior issues.