Solutia Live Animal Center

Springfield Science Museum

The Solutia Live Animal Center opened in April 1995. Designed with realistic habitats, life-like vegetation, and moving water, the Solutia Live Animal Center features some very unusual creatures — fish that walk on land, turtles that look like leaves, and frogs which produce poison.

Coral Reef Eco-System
This aquarium system houses colorful live corals, invertebrates and fishes from tropical reefs around the world.

New England Coastal Eco-System
This aquarium system houses invertebrates and fishes from the New England.

Rainforest Eco-System
This Eco-System houses fish, frogs, turtles, snakes and spiders from the tropical rainforests of South America, one of the most productive environments on Earth.

Mangrove, Stream and Lake Eco-Systems
These exhibits highlight animals which are found in specialized environments both locally and worldwide.