Solutia Live Animal Center

Springfield Science Museum

The Solutia Live Animal Center opened in April 1995. Designed with realistic habitats, life-like vegetation, and moving water, the Solutia Live Animal Center features some very unusual creatures — fish that walk on land, turtles that look like leaves, and frogs which produce poison.

Coral Reef Eco-System
This aquarium system houses colorful live corals, invertebrates and fishes from tropical reefs around the world.

New England Coastal Eco-System
This aquarium system houses invertebrates and fishes from the New England.

Rainforest Eco-System
This Eco-System houses fish, frogs, turtles, snakes and spiders from the tropical rainforests of South America, one of the most productive environments on Earth.

Mangrove, Stream and Lake Eco-Systems
These exhibits highlight animals which are found in specialized environments both locally and worldwide.

Meet the Animals!

Museum aquarist Dan Augustino–also known as Safari Dan–introduces some of the animals that live at the Solutia Live Animal Center.