Gingerbread Holiday Magic Desmarais

Congratulations to the Winners of Our 2016 Gingerbread Competition!

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The votes are in! We are happy to announce the winners of the 2016 gingerbread competition.

A big THANK YOU to all those who donated time and resources to create the amazing gingerbread structures. Their generosity and spirit truly made the exhibit possible.

Youth Division

First Place

Welcome To Diagon Alley
Sophie Coyne, West Springfield, MA

The dragon escaping Gringotts in Harry Potter inspired my display. For many years I have loved the series.  I have read the books multiple times and visited the parks at Universal. This ongoing love is what inspired my design.”

Special Ingredients:  The dragon is made of modeling chocolate. The windows on buildings are made of isomalt. Various candies and sprinkles decorate much of the building.  Gum paste signs adorn the shops.

Second Place

A Book of Secrets
Olivia Salva, Feeding Hills, MA

This project was inspired by the anticipation of the new J. K. Rowlings movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. While this display was created before the movie comes out, the movie release will be slated before the gingerbread houses go on display to the public.”

Special Ingredients:  The desk, book and inkwell base are made out of structural gingerbread.  Fondant is used to smooth the desk top, while modeling chocolate is used for any signs of the monsters. Sugar work is used for the feather pen. Edible paint was used for writing and decorating

Third Place

Journey to Hogwarts
Ava Korzec and Kristina Aguilar, Wilbraham, MA

This scene is inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is where it all began! We thought it would be fun to design a house inspired by Harry Potter with the flying car!”

Special Ingredients:  The house is constructed of gingerbread covered with a bubble gum tape roof.  The owls and flying car are made of Rice Krispies treats and frosting. The base of the display is made of cake and frosting. The roof icicles are made from sugar glass.

Adult Division

First Place

Journey Beyond Your Imagination
Cheryl Barnhart, Agawam, MA

Harry Potter’s world inspired this display. Here are just a few items that Harry discovered along his magical journey, including: Hedwig, his owl, schoolbooks and his wand.”

Special Ingredients:  The owl is made of gingerbread, covered with feathers made of fondant.  The eyes are gumdrops. The wand is made of gum paste. The house is covered in gingerbread, painted with food coloring to look like hardwood flooring. The envelope is made of fondant.

Second Place

A Holiday Stroll Down Diagon Alley
Samantha Skiba, Ludlow, MA

“Diagon Alley inspired my gingerbread display. I have always wondered what Diagon Alley would look like during the holidays.”

Special Ingredients:  Melted candy and chocolate windows, buttercream, cereal, and chocolate roof shingles, Tootsie Roll chimney, pretzel broomsticks, chocolate owls and cages.

Third Place – Tie

This Wizard’s Got Game
Michelle Salva, Feeding Hills, MA

This Wizard’s Got Game’ captures the Quidditch stadium prepped and ready to go for the next game.  The two-tiered themed display was inspired by the Harry Potter book and movie series.  The quaffle, golden snitch, two budgers, bat and broomstick are displayed in life size.”

Special Ingredients:  A structural gingerbread recipe was used. Modeling chocolate, fondant and sugar work were used to help and decorate with the use of genre-appropriate candies throughout the display.

Third Place – Tie

Please Mind the Gap
Kathleen Small and Emily Racicot, Dudley, MA

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s inspired this design. We were looking for something different to create and came up with the idea of the Hogwarts Express and Platform 9-3/4.  We thought it would be a great way to show Harry Potter’s journey into the wizarding world.  When you step off the train, be open to the magic that awaits you and, as they say in London, ‘”Please Mind the Gap.”’

Special Ingredients:  The train station floor and wall is made of gingerbread. The Hogwarts Express consists of Rice Krispies treats, fondant and various candies. Additional pieces are made from a variety of candies, including Twizzlers, Hershey bars, dots, etc.

Professional Division

First Place

Baking Up Magical Fun
Chef Janice Desmarais, Holyoke, MA

The idea of Holiday brought to mind thoughts of winter and ice. Thinking of who lives in ice and snow evoked images of penguins, then magic; which made me think of rabbit-hat tricks, spells, and theatrics. Magic and holidays are always fun. So I thought, ‘What better way to enhance that fun than with cute penguins, attempting the art of magic.’”

Special Ingredients:  Molded sugar was used to create the ice bricks and ice accents on igloos.  The penguins are made of fondant, with gumdrops for hats and buttons, and they have candy corn beaks. Gingerbread crates make up the stage.