Pen, Paper And Keyboard

Creative Writing Students Present a Virtual Reading

Participants in the Creative Writing Museum School class share their work.

Stories and Authors Featured:

“Lillian” by Robert Butler “Amerikan Kiz Koleji – Izmir, Turkey, 1961:

My First Year (an American Girls School)” by Rebekah Crampton Kamukala

“Gittel’s Soup” by Sydney Torrey

“Scarred for Life” by Bill Haley

“Two Photos, Three Brothers” by Barbara Lowell

“The magic of Words” by Angela Grout

“Bootcamp – the Beginning: Wounded but Not Shot, Another Mission” by Mike Stacey

These stories are the property and creations of the authors and they represent the opinions of the authors and not those of the Museums. To learn more about our Museum School courses, please click here