Student Painting With Watercolor

Five Reasons to Take a Class at the Museum School

Creativity is one of the essential ingredients to innovation, and innovation leads to positive change. The Springfield Museums’ Museum School is a wonderful way to nurture creativity and keep yourself nimble for all that you hope to learn and do. Plus, exploring ideas keeps you healthy.

Here are five great reasons to take a class at the Museum School:

  1. Rekindle your passion

Was it for art, genealogical research, decorating (rooms or cupcakes), understanding the stars? Take a class with us and we will take care of set up and clean up, all you have to do is register and show up!

  1. Challenge yourself.

Learning new things keeps our minds nimble and helps us discover things we never knew we were good at!

  1. Creativity relieves stress.

Less than an hour of creative activity significantly reduces stress, regardless of whether you are good at what you are doing or only so-so. (Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, titled “Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making” 2016).

  1. See in new ways.

Using paint or pastels or pencils, words or frosting or furniture to express feelings and ideas helps us all understand our world, what we see, and how we communicate in new ways.

  1. Meet new people

The Museum School classes—ranging from drawing and painting to playwriting to flower arranging to star gazing and much in between—are filled with interesting and friendly people and taught by knowledgeable and welcoming educators, artists, and practitioners.

Please check in on what we have to offer: