Allegro, Pleiades and Nocturne

October 17, 2016–November 5, 2017 D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts

A sculptural ensemble by award winning master sculptor Andrew DeVries, on view  outside of the Blake Café. The artist has been casting in bronze in his Huntington, Massachusetts studio since 1985. His work includes dance and figurative sculpture, abstract sculpture and portraits.  DeVries follows in tradition of great Florentine masters like Ghiberti, Donatello and Cellini.

In his artist’s statement, DeVries’ commented, “The early influence of the ballet studio, the fluidity of the human form in movement, a meshing of music, flesh and spirit, this is the foundation of my career.  The impressions (gifts) from the dance naturally became my first sculptures and form a large body of my careers’ works. Whenever the opportunity presents itself I return to dance studios to draw and be inspired once again.”