Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog

May 19, 2018–September 9, 2018 Springfield Science Museum

Step into the world of Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, and all of the residents of Birdwell Island!

Inspired by Scholastic Entertainment’s TV show Clifford The Big Red Dog, the exhibit offers numerous immersive “paws-on” adventures that reinforce “Clifford’s Big Ideas.”  Kids can visit a colossal nine-foot high Clifford with a tail to slide down, help fill Clifford’s big dog bowl with bones using a conveyor belt and find “bone”-ifide treasures at T-Bone’s Beach.

The exhibit is entirely bilingual in Spanish!

Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog was created by Minnesota Children’s Museum together with Scholastic Entertainment.

Clifford’s Dog BowlBe Responsible
Feeding a pet just the right amount is an important job. When children take care of pets they see how animals depend on them–a big step in responsibility.

Samuel’s RestaurantWork Together
Running the restaurant is a big job that takes teamwork. When children work together to get a job done, they learn to appreciate one another’s contributions.

Interior DoghouseBe Kind
Creating special pictures and letters for loved ones can brighten a person’s day. When you make another person feel better you are being kind.

Cleo’s BackyardBe a Good Friend
Learning to share toys can be as challenging as learning to crawl! Friends respect one another and try to make one another feel good.

Musical MarinaShare
Making music together on the Pier means working together and taking turns. Encouraging your child to make sure everyone gets a chance to play the instruments is at the heart of sharing.

T-Bone’s BeachPlay Fair
Playing together in a small space works best when everyone plays fairly. When you help your children treat others fairly, like sharing the toys, you are showing them how to be a good friend.

RetrospectiveBelieve in Yourself
Trying something new, such as playing a computer game or learning to draw, builds confidence. Offer support to your children, and watch them grow!

Ferry BoatHelp Others
Showing people how to get around Birdwell Island is a great way to lend a hand. Helping others in everyday situations makes a child feel good.

Post OfficeHave Respect
Working together to deliver the mail around Birdwell Island is a great way to show respect for other children’s contributions. Showing respect to your friends can start by acknowledging their help.

Emily Elizabeth’s Backyard TheaterBe Truthful
Making the most of your big imagination is just fine in this theater! When children grasp the difference between imagination and honesty, they are on their way to understanding the value of telling the truth and becoming trustworthy.

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