A variety of cut and uncut gems

Cut ‘N’ Rough Collection

May 18, 2021–June 26, 2022 Springfield Science Museum

A collection of cut stone displayed side-by-side with the same stone in its original rough state, on loan from Fred Wilda and Helen Rodak of Hadley, MA.

The large, bright glass case, donated by the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club, is filled with stones whose inner beauty is breathtaking. Among those stones are margarite, galena, the state mineral babingtonite, and the state gem rhodonite. Informative labels to help Museums visitors better understand the remarkable treasures the Connecticut River Valley holds.

About The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club has been active since 1940. The club is diverse—with members ranging from amateur collectors to mineralogists and professors of geology. The group promotes geology, mineralogy, the lapidary arts, paleontology, and educational programs for elementary school-age children.