Black Panther Statue

Hall of Heroes

July 19, 2020–June 24, 2021 Wood Museum of Springfield History

Extended by Popular Demand!

Hall of Heroes brings visitors into the world of their favorite superheroes, crime-stoppers, gadgets and more through immersive experiences! As soon as you enter, you immediately find yourself in the thick of the action in an ambitious, custom-built space. Your journey takes you through several themed environments with surprises around each corner. An adventure fit for all ages that includes:

  • Challenging, highly engaging interactive displays and tests
  • Replicas and rare artifacts from past and present major motion pictures and television shows
  • Intriguing, informative displays with props, costumes and more
  • Fun, fascinating history and memorabilia

Learn the scientific circumstances that create superheroes, discover the ideals that heroes uphold, and push boundaries as to what it truly means to be heroic in the Hall of Heroes! Starting your journey in the ‘Identification Station’ guests will learn about, and get sorted into, one of the five disciplines that are the basis for all super powers: ‘Powers of the Body’, ‘Powers of the Mind,’ ‘Mastery,’ ‘Gadgets,’ and the ‘Elements.’ These five powers are reflected throughout the exhibit where guests can explore, learn and test their skills at the many interactive stations to find out what discipline of Superhero they excel in. The Hall of Heroes exhibit is truly a place to “Discover Your Superpowers!”

Hall of Heroes was created by Stage Nine Design and is distributed by Exhibits Development Group.

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