Hooray for Heroes

The Museums are open, but we know not everyone is able (or ready) to visit in person. That’s OK! We still have lots of fun available for you!

Hooray for Heroes is a virtual family engagement event inspired by our Hall of Heroes exhibit. The activities presented can enhance your visit—or stand alone—providing lots of activities for the mind and body.

Want to add an extra-special treat to the experience? Order a Hooray for Heroes activity kit, available for pick-up or delivery.

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Win a Signed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Comic

Enter to win a TMNT comic book signed by creator Kevin Eastman! There are two ways to enter between August 15 and August 30, 2020.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic Books

This video is made possible by the Springfield Local Cultural Council.

Nominate Your Real Life Hero

Heroes can be famous people who do extraordinary things or people close to us who have an impact on our lives. Whether your hero is someone internationally known or a member of your own family, you can celebrate them using the My Hero nomination.  Draw a portrait of them and write a few sentences to let us know why they’re you’re hero.

Email a photo of your nomination to our Superhero Hotline at artdiscovery@springfieldmuseums.org or post on social media with #AtTheMuseums and #HoorayforHeroes to share with the world.

My Hero
Build a Stomp Rocket

Sam Alexander and the Nova Corps use rockets to propel them through space while they help save Earth from The Ultimate Nullifier. While you might not be able to blast into space like Sam you can create a rocket with household items to learn more about propulsion.


Propulsion means to push or drive an object forward.

Nullify means to make something of little value or no consequence. The Ultimate Nullifier, the fantasy weapon in Nova, would have been used to destroy Earth.

Build a Stomp Rocket
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Put on a Super Show

Make your own stick puppets and a cityscape backdrop to put on a show and tell a superhero story for your family or friends.

You can create a puppet inspired by your favorite comic or movie, by someone you know, or make up something completely original! Think about what characteristics you want your superhero to have. Some superheroes have super powers while others rely on technology to help them fight crime. Some are serious while others are silly. Decide how you will show your puppet’s personality and then get started.

Create a cityscape for your superhero to dash across on their way to save the day! Will you be inspired by Metropolis, Gotham City, New York, Springfield, your own hometown, or create something straight out of your imagination?

Superhero Stick Puppet
Create a CityScape Backdrop
Mix Magnetic Slime

Make sure to ask your grownups before you start this activity. While this magnetic slime won’t stick to the fridge on its own, the iron fillings will be attracted to any magnet! Use a magnet to pull the slime and feel as powerful as Magneto!

Mix Magnetic Slime
Design a Mini Shield

Traditionally, shields are a kind of personal armor worn on the wrist or forearm to protect from swords, arrows, and other weapons. Wonder Woman and Thor both make use of shields to defend themselves, but probably the most commonly recognized shield used by a superhero is Captain America’s. His shield is easily recognized by the red, white, and blue concentric circles and the bright white or silver star in the middle.

Different types of shields are displayed in the Plaster Casts Gallery in the George Vincent Walter Smith Art Museum. Ancient Greek Hoplites (or citizen soldiers) used round shields reinforced with bronze to defend themselves in battle. Roman could be made of iron, leather, or wood reinforced with metals. They could be round, rectangular, or pointed.

Design a Mini Shield
Smithsonian Spotlight

Evan Keeling is an artist who works at the Smithsonian. He draws writes and draws zines about people and issues that he thinks more people should know about. Download the two here to assemble at home! You can also use the blank sheets Evan designed to create your own zine! You can tell a true story, or one from your imagination!

Humpback Highway

Humpback Highway

Sonia Sotomayor Comic

Sonia Sotomayor

8 Page Comic Template

8-Page Comic Template

Blank Comic Template

Blank Comic Template

Did You Know?

The Smithsonian is home to a wide variety of superhero objects, like original comics, memorabilia, costumes, and props. Explore their collection here.

Smithsonian affiliation made possible through the generous support of the MassMutual Foundation.
Smithsonian Affiliate

Superhero Agility Training

No matter what special super powers they might have, superheroes need to train and practice to become agile, fast, and improve their reaction times!  Try these activities to improve your physical skills and keep practicing!

Created by Judy Bent, Museum Educator

Superhero Silohouettes
  • Balance on one foot for 10 seconds
  • Crawl forward for 10 feet
  • Gallop forward for 10 steps
  • Jump in place 10 times
  • Leap forward 10 times
  • Run in place for 10 seconds
  • Skip forward 10 times
  • Stomp your feet in place 10 times
  • Stretch your legs for 10 seconds
  • Walk backwards for 10 steps
  • Bend and touch your toes 10 times
  • Curl your body up and hold for 10 seconds
  • Hop on one foot 10 times
  • Kneel up tall for 10 seconds
  • Roll in a straight line for 10 seconds
  • Sit and then stand up 10 times
  • Slide to the right 10 times and then slide to the left 10 times
  • Straighten your body and hold for 10 seconds
  • Twist your body to the right 10 times and then the left 10 times
  • Wiggle your body for 10 seconds
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