Dino-Mite Fun With Chomp, Stomp, And Roar: Dinosaur Week

Dino-Mite Fun with Chomp, Stomp, and Roar: Dinosaur Week

The Springfield Museums present Stomp, Chomp, and Roar: Dinosaur Week during April School Vacation April 15-19, 10-am – 5 pm at the Springfield Museums.

Why dinosaurs? Because kids LOVE dinosaurs! Even parents love dinosaurs—because dinosaurs help their kids learn about all sorts of stuff. Jenny Powers, Family Engagement Coordinator at the Springfield Museums likes to take advantage of dino-fascination to facilitate some edutainment (education + entertainment).

“Dinosaurs inspire all ages!  From the tiny compsognathus or to the enormous T-Rex, they can be pretty scary!” said Powers. “But they’re a safe way to confront our fears because we know they’ve been extinct for more than 65 million years!  Learning about dinosaurs covers a wide variety of STEM topics and social-emotional learning, too. My favorite part is seeing children and their caregivers having fun and learning together!”

Powers also mentioned how studying dinosaurs leads to all kinds of skill building—measuring, digging, dancing. Well, maybe the dancing is a stretch, but the rest is solid scientific exploration thanks to dinosaurs.

Along with daily hands-on, interactive opportunities, each day has a special feature sure to capture the imagination of all who visit. Please see the full schedule below and join the Museums for Stomp, Chomp, and Roar April 15-19. All activities are free with admission.

April School Vacation Week 4/15-4/19, 2019
WGBY members will receive free admission to the museums with proof of membership during April School Vacation Week.


11 am-3 pm Paleontology Lab–How long was a Cryolophosaurus? How about Mapusaurus or a Compsognathus? Choose a dinosaur and roll out our extra-long tape to find out how long the dinosaurs really were. Assemble a model dinosaur skeleton, examine dinosaur claws, and more.  Science Workshop, 2nd Floor, Springfield Science Museum

11 am-3 pm Dinosaur Tracks–Dig to find a dinosaur skeleton in the pits in Astronomy Hall, then visit Habitat Hall to learn more about why New England is home to so many dinosaur footprints, versus the dinosaur skeletons of the Western US. Classify types of dinosaurs and make your very own footprint fossil to take home. Springfield Science Museum

11 am-2 pm Meet Buddy the Dinosaur–Meet the star of PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train! Buddy’s appearance is made possible by a partnership with WGBY.  Roaming, Springfield Science Museum

11am-2pm Family Science Adventures–Explore the Science Museum and find the Roving Scientist. You never know what kind of demonstrations and hands-on activities they have in store for you!  Roaming, Springfield Science Museum

1-3 pm Dinosaurs Love Dancing–Join the dinosaur-themed family dance party every afternoon with DJ Marty Fullwood. Dance your heart out to classic songs through music of today.  Mammal Hall, Springfield Science Museum

Noon-4 pm Art Discovery Center–Trace Chinese characters, try on costumes, play gallery games, peek under lift-up panels on the Wall of Symbols to discover the meaning behind Asian motifs, put on a puppet show, and make an art project. Today: Watercolor a T-Rex. 2nd Floor, George Walter Vincent Smith Museum


April 15-16
Noon-1pm Today’s Living Dinosaurs with Forest Park Zoo–Birds are dinosaurs’ closest living relatives! Their origins are in a group of theropods that emerged during the Mesozoic Era. Learn more about the birds that inhabit Forest Park Zoo and get up close during these animal encounters.

April 17-18
11 am-2 pm Fossil Identification with the Rock, Fossil, & Dinosaur Shop–Thousands of years ago dinosaurs roamed our area! Learn about our prehistoric world through hands-on fossil identification activities, perfect for any budding paleontologists!

April 18
11 am-3 pm Jurassic Roadshow–Some of the first dinosaur remains in the United States were found in New England in the 19th century, mostly in the form of footprints. Since 2010, Jurassic Roadshow has brought the science, history, and art of the Connecticut River Valley’s dinosaur footprints and trace impressions to street fairs and community events.  

April 19
11 am-3 pm WGBY Day–Join WGBY for all things dinosaur with PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train. This popular program celebrates children’s fascination with both dinosaurs and trains while encouraging basic scientific thinking skills. Fun and learning will prevail with educational games on PBS KIDS Playtime Pads, take-home activity sheets, parent resources, and more. Kids will also learn how to make a Dinosaur Train field guide of amazing creatures that Buddy and his adoptive Pteranodon family discover on their whimsical voyages through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes, and oceans.