Dinosaurs Are Back! – 2007

Dinosaurs are Back! – 2007

A pack of moving, roaring prehistoric creatures will invade the Springfield Science Museum from Feb. 10 through May 13 in the exhibition Life Through Time: Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals.

Life Through Time is sponsored by United Bank; the media sponsor is WWLP-TV 22. The robotic behemoths were created by Kokoro Dinosaurs of California. The exhibit includes 5 dinosaur groupings, including the long-necked Apatosaurus with its young, a dome-headed Pachycephalosaurus, a duck-billed Maiasaura with a nest of hatchlings, the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, and a flying Pteranodon. Also featured are four examples of Ice Age mammals that lived long after the dinosaurs became extinct. They include a Woolly Mammoth; a giant hornless rhino (Baluchitherium), which was the largest land mammal that ever lived; a saber toothed cat (Smilodon) family with cubs; and a giant sloth (Megatherium). The exhibit also includes stations where children can make dinosaur track rubbings and be paleontologists as they dig for fossils and "bone up" on prehistoric facts. There will be a special exhibit fee of $3 per person in addition to museum admission for all visitors ages 3 and up to see Life Through Time: Dinosaurs & Ice Age Mammals.