LEGO® Castle Adventure Comes To Springfield

LEGO® Castle Adventure Comes to Springfield

Children are invited to enter the royal world of kings and queens in the special exhibit LEGO® Castle Adventure, on view at the Springfield Science Museum from June 9 through September 9.

The presentation of the exhibition in Springfield is sponsored by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).

Children will be able explore the inside of a castle filled with LEGO brick figures, the king’s and queen’s thrones, secret passageways, royal treasure chests, and the dragon’s lair. A towering knight and a giant red dragon with her baby, all made out of thousands of tiny LEGO bricks, protect the fortress. To help them defend the castle, kids can climb into a lookout tower and slide back down to the ground or stroll along the castle’s wheelchair accessible battlement wall.

Younger children can dress up in costume and joust on “horseback.”  Older visitors can construct a virtual fortress wall on a computer screen and test its strength with a LEGO catapult.

Aspiring builders will have the opportunity to design and construct their own castles in three age-appropriate areas: apprentice (toddlers), journeymen (ages 3-6), and master builders (ages 7 and up). Children can also create “outdoor” courtyard landscapes using a colorful array of green bricks.
The exhibit also includes a wall of revolving Lego displays, including replicas of famous places such as the winding maze of Leeds Castle Gardens and the Blarney Castle in Ireland.

“Imagination is an important part of learning and growing as children and MassMutual is very proud to sponsor the Lego exhibit, which encourages children to put their imaginations to work and explore, create and learn,” said Nick Fyntrilakis, Vice President of MassMutual Community Responsibility.
MassMutual is the premier sponsor of the Springfield Museums’ Spectacular Summer series of exhibits, which includes LEGO® Castle Adventure, Tiffany Lamps and Windows, Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty, and the multi-media Storm Stories: Path of Fury.

LEGO® Castle Adventure was produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in cooperation with LEGO Systems, Inc.