For Families Summer 2018 Science2

A Call for Science Museum Stories


Do you recall what it felt like to make your first trip to the Springfield Science Museum?  What happened when you rounded the corner and came face-to-knees with the giant T-Rex?  How about the aquariums?  Do you remember climbing a long flight of stairs just to get a closer look?  Or sitting with your classmates inside the planetarium, waiting for the lights to come down?

Our guests often tell us about their early visits to the museum, the experiences they had, and the people they were with.  But more than anything else, they tell of the impact those visits had on their sense of wonder and curiosity.

The Springfield Science Museum continues to inspire!  As we add exciting new interactive elements and immersive exhibits (such as the replica International Space Station module that’s currently being constructed)—and  especially as we anticipate the reopening early this summer of our fully renovated Seymour Planetarium, we invite you to share your own memories of the Springfield Science Museum.

Leave us a note and tell us about the memories you made while visiting the planetarium and museum!

Please go to Springfield Museums Stories to add your story.

Thank you!

Photograph of Mike Kerr of the Science MuseumMike Kerr
Principal, Innovative Advancement & Integration, Science Museum