What's Your Museums Story?
What's Your Museums Story?
Girl Looking At Penguin Diorama
Visitor With Historical Monument Of The American Republic
Family With The Wump
Grocery Store Dramatic Play
What's your Springfield Museums Story? Share it with us!

Tell us your Springfield Museums story—you can even upload photos!

Did you visit as a child? Did you see something that inspired you—maybe the stars in the planetarium or the Fu dogs in the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum? Did something make you stop and think and wonder? Were you wowed when you walked into the Dr. Seuss Museum for the first time?

You can also share your story on social media directly using the hashtag #AtTheMuseums,  #SeussInSpringfield #MyMuseumsStory.

Springfield Museums Story: “When She Was Growing Up, Girls Weren’t Able To Do Science!”

Springfield Museums Story: “When she was growing up, girls weren’t able to do science!”

An older woman came to visit the Spark!Lab. She saw all of the kids working with the snap circuits and…

A Call For Science Museum Stories

A Call for Science Museum Stories

Hello! Do you recall what it felt like to make your first trip to the Springfield Science Museum?  What happened…