Do Try This

Girl Scout Gold Award Winner: Do Try This At Home!

Gabriella WilkersonGabriella Wilkerson is a 2020  graduate of Northampton High School, who was inspired by her experiences visiting the Springfield Science Museum as a child. She has been an avid Girl Scout for nine years, culminating in “Do Try This At Home”, her Gold Award project. She is a rising freshman at Wesleyan University, majoring in physics and dance. As a STEM major and a youth member of the PVSTEM Net Advisory Committee, she hopes to continue to make STEM fields more accessible to all. She truly enjoyed interning at the Springfield Science Museum in the summer of 2019 and working with the museum on this project!

Do Try This at Home Kits
Liquid Densities & Polar vs. Non-Polar Liquids
Do Try This At Home Kit: Salt Crystals
Do Try This at Home Kit: Salt Water and Plant Growth
Do Try This At Home Kit: Sink or Swim
Do Try This At Home Kit: Solar Oven
En español
Densidades líquidas y líquidos polares vs no polares
Cristales De Sal
Agua Salada y el Crecimiento de Semillas
Hundir o nadar
El horno solar