LEGO® Castle Adventure at the Springfield Science Museum

LEGO® Castle Adventure

June 9, 2012–September 9, 2012 Springfield Science Museum » Second Floor » Changing Exhibits Gallery

Springfield Science Museum, Changing Exhibitions Gallery, Second Floor

Children are invited to explore the inside of a royal castle filled with LEGO brick decorations, the king’s and queen’s thrones, secret passageways, and the dragon’s lair. To defend the castle, kids can climb into a lookout tower and slide back down to the ground or stroll along the castle’s wheelchair accessible battlement wall. They can also construct a virtual fortress wall on screen and test its strength with a LEGO catapult.

Young builders will have the opportunity to design and construct their own castles in three age-appropriate areas: apprentice (toddlers), journeymen (ages 3-6), and master builders (ages 7 and up). Children can also create “outdoor” courtyard landscapes using a colorful array of green bricks.

LEGO® Castle Adventure was produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in cooperation with LEGO Systems, Inc.

Premier summer sponsor: MassMutual Financial Group.