Hall Of Heroes Filled With Fun

Hall of Heroes Filled with Fun

The Springfield Museums present Hall of Heroes at the Wood Museum of Springfield History. Open from July 19 through September 13, Hall of Heroes is a traveling exhibition that helps visitors discover their superpowers through immersive experiences that engage the body and the mind! Underlying all of the activity is some serious STEM learning.

“Visitors will find themselves in the thick of the action as soon as they enter the exhibit,” said Kay Simpson, President and CEO of the Springfield Museums. “There are so many different interactive elements. They can test their agility, their strength, and their reflexes and then defend the Earth from peril using only their ingenuity! This is just plain old fun!”

Testing your superpowers is just one element of the Hall of Heroes experience. Interactive dioramas explore the history of superheroes in popular culture. Many stations include information that explores the science behind the activity.

“There is the Wind Tunnel Chamber and the Robotic Arm Cabinet!” said Larissa Murray, Director of Education for the Springfield Museums. “There is so much to learn and the exhibits just go on and on with surprises around every corner.”

Asked about her favorite, Murray said, “I liked taking my selfie with Wonder Woman.”

The exhibit explores five disciplines considered the basis for all super powers: Powers of the Body, Powers of the Mind, Mastery, Gadgets, and the Elements. These five powers are reflected throughout the exhibit. Visitors can explore, learn, and test their skills at the many interactive stations to find out in what discipline of Superhero they excel.

“The Hall of Heroes exhibit is truly a place to discover your superpowers!” Simpson said. “And have a whole lot of fun on the journey.”

Hall of Heroes was created by Stage Nine Design and is distributed by Exhibits Development Group.