Springfield Museums Statement On Gas Explosion

Springfield Museums Statement on Gas Explosion

The Springfield Museums reported no damage from Friday's gas explosion, which occurred only a few blocks from their location on Edwards Street.

The blast came during the Museums' annual Lighting of the Quadrangle celebration, which was attended by Mayor Sarno, Lt. Governor Murray, and over a thousand visitors. Museum security staff stayed in close contact with city officials to ensure the safety of the attendees, most of whom remained through to the event's conclusion at 7 pm.

"Despite our proximity to the explosion, there were no ill-effects to any Museum buildings and or to any of the valuable collections inside," commented Holly Smith-Bove, President of the Museums, adding, "We're shocked and saddened at the damage to our neighborhood, but we were  very inspired to see our mayor and lieutenant governor spring into action so quickly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those injured and their families."