Unwrap The History Of Candy At The Springfield Museums

Unwrap the History of Candy at the Springfield Museums

Springfield Museums presents Sweet: A Tasty Journey October 26, 2019, to April 26, 2020, in the Wood Museum of Springfield History. This interactive, hands-on, immersive exhibit blends fun and learning to create a unique experience, one that will be savored by all generations.

Sweet takes candy from a “farm to fork” perspective, peeling back the label of our favorite sugary confections. Visitors can engage with the stories from famous candy-makers and chocolatiers and get into the nuts and sprinkles of chocolate making, getting up-close and personal with real factory equipment. They will engage with both the history of candy and its current role within popular culture while exploring this fun and colorful environment.

“The Wood Museum of Springfield History is an ideal place for this celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Kay Simpson, President and CEO of the Springfield Museums. “This exhibit tells the stories of the people behind the candies we know so well—and the science behind the cooking that gives us the rich and colorful variety of candies and sweets we love so much.”

A giant version of Candyland, a Milton Bradley game, is one of many interactive stations that lead visitors on an adventure not unlike the game of Candyland itself. Plus, the exhibit stations ignite the senses—taste, smell, sound, and sight as well as touch. Here are examples of what is in store:

  • Jingle Match Game (Audio interactive)
  • Sweethearts Photo Op (with a hands-on coloring and learning activity)
  • Stories of Real Life Willy Wonkas (Amazing, relatable stories)
  • Stop Motion Station (Hands-on interactive Jelly Belly Art)
  • Beanboozled Taste Test Game (Wildly popular game with more yucky than yummy flavors)
  • Candy-Inspired Art (A real dress made of gum wrappers)
  • The Science of Cooking Candy (Challenging interactive)

“We love the learning-moments this exhibit sneaks in among laughs and games,” said Larissa Murray, Director of Education. “The exhibition takes both modern and traditional education techniques and blends them together for a mixture of facts and fun.”

On program days educators will be available to further illuminate the stations. “We love the sheer power of the color and the larger-than-life sizes,” said Family Engagement Coordinator Jenny Powers. “This exhibit is filled with interactives that include audio and visual as well as tactile aspects—and so much positive energy. There is something for everyone here!”

The centerpiece of this exhibition is the Rock Candy Mountain, which offers visitors an exciting experience sprinkled with interactive displays, Instagrammable moments, and photo opportunities.

Sweet: A Tasty Journey
October 26, 2019–April 26, 2020
Wood Museum of Springfield History 

Sweet: A Tasty Journey® was created by Stage Nine Design and is distributed by Exhibits Development Group