Video: Dakin Humane Society at the Museums


My name is Gina and I am from Dakin Humane Society. I am the manager of events over there. And we’re here today at the Springfield Museums because it’s the first day of April vacation and this is the perfect opportunity, in conjunction with the Wolf to Woof exhibit at the Springfield Museums, for us to get out here and talk about who we are and what we do for dogs in the community: spay and neuter, we have a pet food bank, we have an adoption center, we do camps for kids. So we felt that a lot of the people who would be interested in this exhibit would be the same people who might want to bring a new dog into their home.

This is Nala. She is available for adoption. She is an 11-year-old husky mix. She’s from the area and she’s looking for a home. She’s got a skin condition and she needs some special food, but, other than that, she’s a really good dog.