Help Us Continue a Winning Streak

Popularity contests have probably been around as long as people have gathered together. Although we don’t have concrete evidence of an official caveperson popularity contest, we can imagine that once people started to interact, they began to build relationships that made a real difference in their lives. They began to identify others they could trust and have fun with and learn from.

The Springfield Museums are not a single person—we are many people all working together to help make the Springfield Museums the place you want to visit. We work to make this the place to find art, science, history, and all things Dr. Seuss. We want to inspire your curiosity and your creativity. We work to create programing and exhibits that will help you learn more about yourself by learning more about others. And we most definitely want to earn your loyalty by continuing to provide you with the experiences you seek—and fun, fun, fun!

For seven years straight we have been your museum of choice in the Republican / MassLive Reader Raves. Thank you for letting us know we have earned your attention and your vote!

We humbly and gratefully ask that you help us again by voting for the Springfield Museums as the Best Museum. You can vote right here: